Flavours along the St Olav’s trail

– Discover the tastes of the journey
Handmade chocolates of the finest chocolate, multicultural street classics with a northern touch and flavours from the forest you just walked through. The 580-kilometre St Olavsleden winds its way through a flavoursome landscape where local produce and authentic tradition meet innovation and global influencers. We’ve picked out a few goodies along the trail that you can’t miss!

Hussborg Manor

The stately Hussborg Manor houses a restaurant well worth its short detour from the trail. With unobstructed views of forests, fields and the 18th hole of the golf course – a mostly undramatic entertainment – this is where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner.

Where: 650 meters from the trail, just after you pass the village of Johannisberg, about 8 kilometers before Borgsjö.

Don’t miss: Well-prepared lunches, often with local ingredients. There is also a veranda menu with simple à la carte dishes

Other: The manor also offers overnight accommodation, both hotel rooms and hostel accommodation

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Enjoy the fresh apple must of the house on the family farm that became a mustery and bed & breakfast. Enjoy the apple orchard and the carefully restored manor house.

Where: About 3 kilometres west of Borgsjöbyn, a few hundred metres south of the trail. The hosts can arrange transport if you have booked accommodation.

Don’t miss: In addition to the mustard’s own drink, we recommend the potato chips and the rhubarb pie, which is served before the apples are ripe.

Other: It offers bed & breakfast with eight beds and cosy lounge areas. The adjacent apple orchard boasts a large number of apple varieties.

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Jazzköket & Saluhallen

At Jazzköket and Saluhallen in central Östersund, the menu is constantly changing. Surprising combinations are served with flavors that are spot on and all the details falls into place. For hikers, their market hall gives the opportunity to pick up a unique and luxurious lunch bag for the next stage.

Where: Jazzköket & Saluhallen are located next to each other on Prästgatan in central Östersund.

Don’t miss: To put together a unique packed lunch in Saluhallen. Try a combination of some of their own air-dried beer sausages with a piece of cheese and exquisite chocolate from some local producer and then you will have a tasty stop to look forward to on today’s stage. In fine weather, a dinner in the Jazzköket’s courtyard is highly recommended.

Other: In addition to lunch and dinner, there is a market hall where a variety of finer dry goods, cooking oils, marmalades and sweets are sold. On occasions, Jazzköket has live performances.  

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The beautiful green of the forest

The beautiful green of the forest

Using raw materials from the forests along the banks of the River Ljungan, Eva Magnusson refines and produces her award-winning spruce zirup and prized Älvdrottningssaft. The flavours of the forest are complemented by ingredients from the kitchen garden, creating a wide range of unique flavour enhancers.

Where: Selångers pilgrimage centre, the tourist office at Borgsjö Naturum and in some shops and restaurants, from Sundsvall all the way to Östersund.

Don’t miss: Granola syrup in a cup of tea or on your breakfast yoghurt. A cold glass of Elf Queen Juice made from elk’s yarrow, a medicinal plant sometimes called Norrland elder.

Other: Also sells through its own online store. On request, she can produce food packages with local food experiences – cheese, dried meat and more in combination with her own products.


The Ice Cream Bar in Bräcke


Smooth, delicious gelato in almost every flavour you can dream of – in Bräcke, ice cream lovers will find a heaven of refreshing delights. Take a break with a cup or a cone, perhaps with the café’s own ground coffee.

Where: Opposite the railway station in Bräcke, on the central street that runs parallel to St Olav’s trail. Take aim at the mascot Brecka, a life-size fibreglass shoe.

Don’t miss: The ice cream bar’s homemade gelato attracts large numbers of ice cream-loving guests during the summer. There are often queues on hot days, but it’s worth the wait. Deer thrush is a classic in the ice cream counter’s wide selection. The café’s home-baked pastries and home-ground coffee are also recommended.

Other: On sunny days, you can take your ice cream down to Bräcke harbour and the crystal clear Revsundssjön. There is a sandy beach for a refreshing swim.

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Gimårasten Restaurant & Café

Elk meat from Jämtland meets Mexican temperament in an American showpiece. It may sound far-fetched, but the result is a notorious elk burger, perfectly grilled and with tasty accompaniments. At Gimårasten, you will find rustic food art with a personal touch.

Where: Between Bräcke and Stavre, right next to St Olav’s trail and the E14, next to the popular fishing waters of Gimån.

Don’t miss: The Älgburgaren is a high-level, satisfying culinary experience where flavours from Mexico marry with local Jämtland ingredients.

Other: The restaurant and the adjacent rest area for road users are the gateway to a quiet and magical wilderness environment around the fish-rich Gimån. The area offers sport fishing that attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over Europe.

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Camp Viking

Bistro Beaucoup de blaBla at Camp Viking

Belgium meets Jämtland in the cosy pub environment of Bistro Beaucoup de BlaBla, where you can enjoy rustic, well-prepared food and tasty beer.

Where: At Revsundssjön, just before you reach Gällö.

Don’t miss: Belgian meat stew, prepared according to a grandmother’s recipe with beef that is cooked for a long time with spices and beer. And Belgian beer too, popular varieties are Duvel and Westmalle, but there are a whopping six Trappist beers on the menu.

Other: The route of the St Olav trail before Camp Viking, from Grimnäs and around Slåttvikberget, is challenging. Stop by the shores of Lake Revsund and take a dip. The campsite offers both cottages and tent pitches where you can experience the tranquillity of the waterfront.

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Wångens Wärdshus


With magnificent views over Lake Alsensjön, pastures and wooded hills lies Wångens Wärdshus. It serves rustic and tasty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As good for hotel guests and horse riders as for pilgrims.

Where: 100 metres from the St Olav’s trail, on the northern side of Lake Alsen where it passes through Wången.

Don’t miss: Pilgrim’s plate, made from Jämtland char, served with potato salad and vegetables, often locally grown. Served even when the restaurant kitchen is closed, but needs to be ordered in advance.

Other: The inn also offers hotels, hostels and holiday accommodation. A guided tour of Wången is available to download as an app, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the North Swedish horse through the history of the facility. Search for “Wången” where you download apps on your smartphone.

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Tinas Praliner

Tina's Chocolates

In a chocolate-brown house, right next to St. Olav’s Trail, the sweetest chocolate you can imagine is created. Jämtland’s chocolate fans flock to the little praline workshop and the queue can sometimes be long on weekends when Tina’s Pralines opens its summer café.

Where: In Helleberg, right next to St. Olav’s trail, about six kilometres after Alsen’s church.

Don’t miss: Enjoying the view of mountains, forests and fields from the chocolate factory’s steps. Preferably with a cup of coffee and a praline for company.

Other: The shop is open seasonally, usually on Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m. Summer café a few weekends in July, when handmade ice cream and pastries are sold in addition to chocolates. The chocolate can also be bought in some delicatessens, such as Telogott in Östersund.

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For twenty years, the Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil has attracted visitors with baked goods and meals of the highest quality. Here you can dine under vines in the greenhouse or in the midst of summer flowers in the kitchen garden. A tasty overall experience that follows the changing seasons.

Where: In the western parts of Mörsil, about 300 metres south of the St Olav’s trail route north of the village.

Don’t miss: Visit the garden with a beautiful, well-planned flower festival and visit the henhouse with happy, energetic chickens. The shop is also worth a visit, even if you don’t want to fill up your backpack, you can soak up the scents and impressions of organically produced soaps, food and gift items.

Other: The “Kretsloppshuset” is a holistic experience where the ecological cycle and your own food are at the centre. The menu follows the seasons and is always of the highest quality. It is impossible to recommend any one dish, but the soups are always sensational.

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As small as Krus’ bakery is in size, its taste experiences are just as big. Here it is baked with care and skill. The cinnamon bun is organic and baked in a stone oven and would surely win gold if Swedish fika was an Olympic event.

Where: A few hundred metres west of Undersåker station. When St Olav’s trail turns left, continue for another 335 metres up Byvägen.

Don’t miss: Stone-baked cinnamon bun according to a secret recipe.

Other: Located next door to the Undersåker charcuterie factory. Take the opportunity to buy some good salami or ham to go with your sourdough bread.

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Millestgården is located in the middle of an undulating agricultural landscape next to the Indals River. Here, local ingredients are cooked slowly, sustainably and adapted to the seasons. Guests can enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch or a three-course dinner in a peaceful courtyard setting.

Where: Right next to St. Olav’s Trail, 2.5 kilometres west of Duved’s village.

Don’t miss: Classic meatballs, potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries with pressed cucumber.

Other: On a hill next to Millestgården is the Carolinian Monument with a magnificent view of the river and the Åredalen valley. It was erected in memory of the more than 3,700 soldiers who froze to death after Charles XII’s disastrous campaign against Trondheim in 1718. The monument was inaugurated in 1892 and was designed by one of the most famous architects of the time, Ferdinand Boberg.

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www.millestgarden.se  or www.facebook.com/millestgarden



At Ersgards they serve food and drinks that have thousands of years of traditions into the present. The pride of the area is the malt beer whose smoky taste goes well with a warming pilgrim soup. A night shelter is also offered in the house where the beer malt was previously smoke-dried.

Where: Three day’s walk from the end at Trondheim Cathedral, Ersgard is 700 metres from the trail. From Værnes church, it is two kilometres to the suspension bridge over the river, after the bridge you turn off from the trail to the left, then it is 700 metres left.

Don’t miss: Their signature dish; lamb with raspberries and aronia berries that are cooked in a wood-fired oven. Local beer.

Other: Ersgard is a farm whose history dates back to the 15th century, today’s buildings from the early 19th century. Today it is run as an inn near Stjørdalsälven. They offer simple pilgrimage shelter with its own sleeping bag in the smokehouse where the malt used to be roasted to give the beer character. Also, accommodation with hotel standard.

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Streif Bakeri & Café

Streif bakery & café

Just a stone’s throw from the cathedral in Trondheim, many of the pastries are baked with traditional Norwegian grains. It requires a special touch from the bakers but also gives texture and flavour to delicious cinnamon buns, waffles, pizzas and pies.

Where: A stone’s throw from the cathedral in Trondheim, overlooking the river and bybrua (city bridge)

Don’t miss: Their super juicy carrot cake with double icing. Pilgrim pie with feta cheese.

Other: All bread is baked using locally grown barley, which gives taste, texture and nutrition.

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