STREIF bakery and café

Tranquillity after your hike
Just a stone’s throw from the cathedral in Trondheim, many of the pastries are baked with traditional Norwegian grains. It requires a special touch from the bakers but also gives texture and flavour to delicious cinnamon buns, waffles, pizzas and pies.
The carrot cake with double glaze is the silk to the palate at Streif Bakery & Café. Here, tired travellers plunge into deep armchairs and enjoy the tranquillity, the tastes and the atmosphere. The tea is soft and a little rough on the tongue. The velvet curtains dampen the murmur of visiting tourists and locals.

At checkout, there are colourful pastries, sandwiches and simple dishes on display. Everything is organic and as far as possible locally produced. Rumour has it that the waffles are the best in town because they are always freshly baked. The chalkboard reads: Pilgrim pie with feta cheese.
Pilgrim toast with pulled pork from a local supplier.
Sandwiches with local honey-marinated salmon and brie. Toast with cheese, bacon and avocado. Sandwiches with salmon, brie, scrambled eggs or ham. Bacalao. Myklagard pizza.
All this is cooked in a relaxed and calm environment with a peaceful outdoor seating on the river bank very close but still totally separated from the noise of the city.

– We bake with organic flour and lots of the old grain varieties. The barley is grown in Tröndelag and is an important part of the food experience, says Elin Anita Aasland who has worked with primroses for 20 years.
-The travellers have wandered through our food country, we have to show that we use it. Streif has received an award for using a large proportion of locally produced raw materials, more than 60 percent, says Elin Anita.

Although Streif Bakery & Café opened only a couple of years ago, the green wooden building carries its own history. It was built as a command post by the German occupation forces during World War II. Today, it is part of the Nidaros Pilgrim Farm Foundation, which runs a reception centre, bed & breakfast and hotel.

From the café’s outdoor terrace, the visitor looks out over the Nidelven, which is lined with the colourful merchant houses that date from the 17th century when merchant ships landed here. But also over the Gamla Bridge where a stream of people stroll, a fitting description when the Norwegian word for stroll was the inspiration for the name of the place, streif.

Whether you have walked the 540 km pilgrimage route and arrived at the final destination, the cathedral in Trondheim or made a day trip to the city, you can recover your spirit here. Stroll into Streif and try freshly baked cinnamon buns with vanilla cream, traditional Norwegian prince cake or the delicious streif bread.


Where: A stone’s throw from the cathedral in Trondheim, overlooking the river and bybrua (city bridge)

Don’t miss: Super juicy carrot cake with double icing. Pilgrim pie with feta cheese.

Other: All bread is baked using locally grown barley, which gives taste, texture and nutrition.

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