Jazzköket & Saluhallen

Well-cooked according to season at Jazzköket & Saluhallen
At Jazzköket and Saluhallen in central Östersund, the menu is constantly changing. Surprising combinations are served with flavors that are spot on and all the details falls into place.
The lunch rush is over and a pleasant buzz fills Saluhallen’s lunch and bistro in central Östersund. From inside the kitchen, friendly chatting is heard mixed with clatter from pots and pans. Food for a straggling lunch guest is announced with a “Food in the door” and in the cheese and delicatessen counter, suggestions are made for the customer’s intended Friday menu. At Jazzköket, in the room next door, tables are nicely set ready for the evening’s sitting. A sauce is being prepared and the restaurant’s head sommelier is planning the purchase of assorted beverages for the month’s menu.
– Jazzköket is our flagship and foundational pillar. For most of the year, we run set menus which are changed every month. Summertime, we change to a la carte and the courtyard is opened, says Kristoffer Andersson, who together with Hedda Perström owns and runs the cluster of dining experiences which Jazzköket and Saluhallen can offer.

Since the start in 2012, it has been a matter of course from start to work with local produce, use all parts of the animal and vegetables and work accordingly to the season. That today’s special just feels wonderfully springy, despite the temporary hailstorm outside the window, is therefore not so odd. A French potato salad shares the plate with fresh vegetables, butter-fried carrot, smoked tomato, butter bean and butter bean hummus. Despite Saluhallen’s meat and fish counter, today’s special is always a vegetarian alternative, as well in other menus, the vegetarian food is allowed take a lot of space.
– It may seem a little odd for a market hall to serve vegetarian in the first place, but it works, says Kristoffer.

And the taste patrol can only agree. The butter-fried carrot melts in your mouth and the potato salad gives a foretaste of the mild summer evenings that will soon be here. Protein in the form of meat is not in the least lacking, but for those who are not attracted by today’s dish, there is always the meat, fish and vegan dish of the week to choose from. – We work with seasonal, locally grown and produced ingredients from our gastronomic region Jämtland, Härjedalen, Ångermanland and Tröndelag. It feels natural to uphold the local produce, and a natural way to do it is to follow the season, says Kristoffer, who together with Hedda through the years have received an award for Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in Sweden and Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year in Jämtland.

The variety of activities gives them the opportunity to buy whole animals and use everything from organs to bones.
– We cut them up and dry-age everything ourselves and we are currently building a delicatessen to be able to refine the meat ourselves. Some parts are then sold at Saluhallen, other pieces are prepared and become part of the dishes which are served both at Jazzköket and in Saluhallen, says Kristoffer.

For hikers, Saluhallen gives you the opportunity to pick up a unique and luxurious lunch bag for the next stage, but Kristoffer also gives tips about dinner at Jazzköket as a perfect end to a long day of hiking; –Walk down to the sound of music in the courtyard and be greeted by us. Set yourself down in the lukewarm evening sun and enjoy food and drink. Perhaps we have a live band playing that night and the tones of music are mixed with a social buzz and some good tastes.


Where: Jazzköket Saluhallen are located next to each other on Prästgatan in central Östersund.

Don’t miss: To put together a unique packed lunch in Saluhallen. Try a combination of some of their own air-dried beer sausages with a piece of cheese and exquisite chocolate from some local producer and then you will have a tasty stop to look forward to on today’s stage. In fine weather, a dinner in the Jazzköket’s courtyard is highly recommended.

Other: In addition to lunch and dinner, there is a market hall where a variety of finer dry goods, cooking oils, marmalades and sweets are sold. On occasions, Jazzköket has live performances.

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