Long cooking, local and gentle at Millestgården
Millestgården is located in the middle of an undulating agricultural landscape next to the Indals River. Here, local ingredients are cooked slowly, sustainably and adapted to the seasons. Guests can enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch or a three-course dinner in a peaceful farm setting.

A few kilometres west of Duved, the St Olav’s trail passes Millestgården, which dates back to the 17th century. Here, owner Maria Kölegård and her colleagues work to give their guests a taste of Jämtland. The menu varies with the seasons and is coloured by both farm and forest produce; locally produced and organic is the focus as well as taking care of all food – nothing should go to waste.

– If I make it so that the farmer next door knows that we will buy from him, then it will be long-term. His grazing animals keep the meadows open around us, making the surroundings beautiful. It is to make a settlement less vulnerable in both social and economic terms, says Maria.

The food is cooked using long-cooking methods, preferably at low temperatures, which allows the flavours to develop to the maximum. The menus are created based on the number of guests and what ingredients are in season.

– The ambition is to keep a green menu, there is always a vegetarian main course as an option, says Maria.

In the summertime on Saturday nights, she fires up the charcoal grill and a barbecue buffet with flavours from the north laid out. Breakfast is also a buffet and hikers can make sandwiches and pack a lunch.

Millestgårdens diners can sit on one of the terraces and look out over the greenery, the sparkling Indal River, mountains and forests. On a sunny summer evening, a cold beer might be just the thing after your hike, the bar has a range of local beers as well as several selected organic wines.

A good example of the use of raw materials is the onion soup with homemade croutons made from leftover bread that is served during the visit of the Taste Patrol. This is followed by the most Swedish of dishes: meatballs with potatoes, lingonberries, cream sauce and pressed cucumber. The minced meat is locally produced and deliciously fatty, the lettuce and parsley grown by the chef, the berries from the Duved forests and the root vegetables locally grown. It is robust food with finesse, richness of colour and varied textures. There are also beetroot steaks for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan options.

After a three-course meal in the peaceful surroundings of Millestgården, the mind is soothed and the body feels good. Just as it should be on a pilgrimage.


Where: Right next to St. Olav’s Trail, 2.5 kilometres west of Duved’s village.

Don’t miss: Classic meatballs, potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries with pressed cucumber.

Other: On a hill next to Millestgården is the Carolinian Monument with a magnificent view of the river and the Åredalen valley. It was erected in memory of the more than 3,700 soldiers who froze to death after Charles XII’s disastrous campaign against Trondheim in 1718. The monument was inaugurated in 1892 and was designed by one of the most famous architects of the time, Ferdinand Boberg.

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