Excellence: classic cinnamon bun
As small as Krus’ bakery is in size, its taste experiences are just as big. Here it is baked with care and skill. The cinnamon bun is organic and baked in a stone oven and would surely win gold if Swedish coffee was an Olympic event.

Just west of Undersåker is the first-class small bakery Krus. The high level of the pastries has its explanation, the idea was developed by world chef Magnus Nilsson who ran the Jutlandic restaurant Fäviken Magasinet with two Michelin stars. The baker Elin Larm was also recruited from Fäviken, and her baking has become the talk of the town.

For pilgrims, it’s just 335 metres extra to walk from the St Olav’s traill to a feast of sourdough bread, almond croissants and perhaps the most Swedish of all baked goods: cinnamon buns. When there is time, “krus”, which is the Jämtian word for biscuits, is also baked.

– Everything is baked in a stone oven because it gives the sourdough bread and the buns a thick crust. It’s different because a regular oven has a fan that dries out, says Elin.

That’s why the croissants are a bit dark but also very juicy. The role of small grains is obvious: something small and concentrated that goes well with coffee. Like the little chocolate cake on rye flour – a gooey treat!

– I like the fact that there are repeat customers and that the range is not so large. This is due to the small size of the room, but it also has the advantage that what we bake is very good, says Elin.

Raw materials are organic and local whenever possible. The staff picks as many blueberries as they can. The farm Fäviken, located just over two miles to the north, has closed the restaurant, but continues to support the local food industry, for example by supplying rhubarb, berries and salad to Krus.

Next door to Krus is Undersåker’s charcuterie factory and shop, which also sprang from a collaboration with Magnus Nilsson. The focus is on animal husbandry, but also on quality and classic Swedish charcuterie – the motto is everyday food for many rather than luxury products for a few. The spread on the sandwiches in the Krus bakery consists of the ham from the charcuterie, and even the cheese and mustard from Jämtland come from there.

Among Krus’ regulars, there is an unspoken tactic: to shop before lunch, before the cinnamon buns and almond croissants run out. Buy your favourite to enjoy later in the day.


Where: A few hundred metres west of Undersåker station. When St Olav’s trail turns left, continue for another 335 metres up Byvägen.

Don’t miss: Stone-baked cinnamon bun according to a secret recipe.

Other: Located next door to the Undersåker charcuterie factory. Take the opportunity to buy some good salami or ham to go with your sourdough bread.

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