Bistro Beaucoup de blaBla at Camp Viking

Belgium heart Jämtland at the campsite bistro
“Beaucoup de bla bla” is the name of the bistro run by a Belgian couple at Camp Viking. And sure, the cosy pub environment invites plenty of chatter – but also to enjoy rustic, well-prepared food and tasty beer.

– Taste it! We made this ourselves from the whitefish we caught last November.

Petra Kuypers holds out a small sandwich with rum grains. The orange spheres catch the light from the window.

– It was very exciting fishing, the whitefish almost jumped on us. The rum is seasoned with finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and a little brandy to break up the flavour.

The fish sandwich is indicative of the food at the bistro, home-cooked from scratch using local ingredients. Petra and her husband André source both fish and meat from the local area and grow some of the vegetables themselves. But the menu and especially the drinks also reflect the couple’s home country.

– We are Belgians and our country has a very fine product: beer. Especially the famous Trappist beer, brewed by Monks within the Trappist monastery, says Petra.

Her pride shines as she points out the different beers in the bar, each with its own glass – designed to bring out the flavours in the best possible way. Petra pours a beer brewed by Carmelite nuns. The foam rises over the light, over-fermented drink.

– Beer is culture! It is nicely spiced and flavourful, you enjoy it like a good wine.

It was nature and tranquillity that attracted the Kuypers-Paulusz couple to settle in Jämtland. Now, they have a seven-hectare campsite with 20 cottages and space for 40-50 caravans, right next to St Olavsleden trail.

– We focus on guests who want to eat well and experience nature: fishing, hiking and kayaking. ‘We’re currently converting the old pool into an earth cellar for beer,’ says Petra, pointing to an undefined mound of earth next to the restaurant.

A party on the terrace calls for her attention and she customarily takes orders. In the kitchen, André stirs the meat stew that has been seasoned with beer – of course – and left to simmer for several hours on the stove.

– In Belgium it is called stoofvlees, which means “stove meat”. Traditionally, this is food that simmered for hours on the home’s stove, which was both a cooker and a source of heat, André says.

The stew is fragrant and flavoursome, the beer makes itself felt in fruity tones. Together with fried potatoes and salad, it is warming and delicious, perfect after a day of hiking in Jämtland.


Where: At Revsundssjön, just before you reach Gällö.

Don’t miss: Belgian meat stew, prepared according to a grandmother’s recipe with beef that is cooked for a long time with spices and beer. And Belgian beer too, popular varieties are Duvel and Westmalle, but there are a whopping six Trappist beers on the menu.

Other: The route of the St Olavsleden trail before Camp Viking, from Grimnäs and around Slåttvikberget, is challenging. Stop by the shores of Lake Revsund and take a dip. The campsite offers both cottages and tent pitches where you can experience the tranquillity of the waterfront.

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