Wångens Wärdshus

Welcoming rustic for horse riders and hikers
With magnificent views over Lake Alsensjön, pastures and wooded hills lies Wångens Wärdshus. It serves rustic and tasty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just as good for hotel guests and horse riders as for pilgrims.

Chef Anders Eveby has 400 pancakes to fry but is calm as he shows off the pilgrim plate he has prepared for visiting hikers.

– The Jämtland char with potato salad and greens can be ordered in advance. Then it’s ready here at the inn no matter when you arrive, says Anders.

Wångens Wärdshus is located almost in the middle of the St Olav’s trail and is part of Wången, a national equestrian centre with a long history. It trains hippologists, farriers, trotting coaches and a number of other equine disciplines. Pastures spread out from stately stables down to Lake Alsen and curious brown horse eyes follow your steps as you pass.

But Wången is not just about horses – there is also a hotel, a conference centre and a few cottages. Plus the restaurant, which welcomes guests with rustic, well-prepared food. Lisa Eliasson is the manager of the inn and talks about their focus.

– We cook with organic and local ingredients as much as we can. During the growing season, we get vegetables from Kougsta garden just a bit away and much of our meat comes from Slåtte natural pasture, which is also located in the area, says Lisa.

The fish for the pilgrim plate is of course also taken from the waters of the Jämtland. But there’s no fuss – most meals are served buffet-style. There is always a vegetarian option, fresh salads and cookies with your coffee. Appreciated by both horse riders and locals.

– There are many boarding students and teachers here, but also walkers and locals. The police usually come here when we have pancakes and soup, laughs Anders.

On this particular day, the blue light personnel are absent, but there are more high school students enrolled. The Taste Patrol helps itself to pancakes and soup. The view over Lake Alsensjön is striking and the pancakes are deliciously butter-fried. You can walk a long way on them.


Where: 100 metres from the St Olav’s trail, on the northern side of Lake Alsen where it passes through Wången.

Don’t miss: Pilgrim’s plate, made from Jämtland char, served with potato salad and vegetables, often locally grown. Served even when the restaurant kitchen is closed, but needs to be ordered in advance.

Other: The inn also offers hotels, hostels and holiday accommodation. A guided tour of Wången is available to download as an app, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the North Swedish horse through the history of the facility. Search for “Wången” where you download apps on your smartphone.

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