The soundtrack of St. Olavsleden

St. Olav is the most famous Nordic saint, celebrated and talked about in both text and song. Musicians Ulrika Bodén and Göran Månsson have taken an in-depth look at the existing sources of music that are linked to St. Olav. In addition to the beautiful liturgical music used in the Olavs mass that dates back to the 1100s, which is sung in the annual celebration of St Olav and is said to have been composed by a Norwegian cleric who worked at Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim, there are also a number of ballads and other music. They have found a rich array of varied material which is deeply rooted in folk music, and they have adapted it together with Niklas Roswall.

The recorded soundtrack also includes sounds of nature, herding songs and bird calls. This is a form of song that has developed in Sweden and Norway since the Iron Age, for farmers to use their voices to call home their grazing cattle. Nordic herding songs are an important foundation for Gregorian chanting music and secular folk music.


Göran Månsson

Ulrika Bodén

Niklas Roswall