Packages along St. Olavsleden

Book a pre-packaged trip for a great experience with a variety of ingredients.
If you’d like help to book a hike along St. Olavsleden there are two suppliers that you can contact, Nordic Pilgrim and Aktivut. They will help you organise accommodation, transportation, food and other things you may need in one package deal. Contact them for more information.
Logo for Nordic Pilgrim on a picture of two hikers.

Nordic Pilgrim have  great experience of St. Olavsleden and have been booking individual hikers and smaller groups for years. You will get personal help from Ruben Heijloo who previously lived along St. Olavsleden but now lives in Holland.

Nordic Pilgrim offer traditional pilgrimages along the entire trail or along selected sections, as well as themed packages that include mindfulness, wood-carving, nature and cycling.

Booking and more information:

AktivUt Travels logga med cyklister längs St Olavsleden i bakgrunden

For groups of eight people or more you can book your hiking or cycling tour along St. Olavsleden with AktivUt Travels. They offer both pre-packaged tours and the possibility to tailor-make a trip based on your preferences. 

AktivUt Travels is a local company based in Östersund, with vast experience of both hiking and cycling along St. Olavsleden. They will make sure your group trip is structured and delivered as you desire.

Booking and more information: