“Cycling St. Olavsleden was on our bucket list”

We are Bill and Julie Mackie from Salt Lake City, United States. We chose to cycle St. Olavsleden because we didn’t have very long – and riding a bike goes obviously a bit faster than walking. We also have quite a lot of experience cycling: long stretches in the US – even through desert – but also in Europe. Last year we cycled through Germany towards Prague. Some days the temperatures were as high as 40 degrees. The same in Spain: sometimes it’s just too hot! The weather here is much better. And the route much quieter.

Because there are not many pilgrims on the road, the locals are very curious and helpful. Yesterday we had a flat tire, and a Swedish guy who didn’t speak one word of English helped us fixing it – even though he couldn’t phantom the idea that we were cycling all the way to Trondheim.

Bill had some serious heart problems last month. The doctor actually advised us not to go. But we refused. Cycling St. Olavsleden was on our bucket list. And if we die here, we at least die in a special place.