“We cycled the entire St. Olavsleden trail”

Carola Lidström and Tomas Johansson from Sundsvall, Sweden have cycled the St. Olavsleden trail last summer. They kept a diary during their trip. Here you can read a short excerpt.

“We want to try the old Karolinervägen over the mountain instead of cycling the asphalt road around. The distance is about twenty kilometres and we are ready to pull the bikes and walk if needed. The road is interesting and has a historical feel to it. Famers used it when they went to and from markets. It is cloudy and only 10 degrees, with weak southerly winds. The road is also called Karl Johans Road, because it was he who improved the road. The road on the Swedish side is accessible by car and is mostly gravel. On the Norwegian side the road is a bit grassier. The many sheep that wander freely have kept the grass short, so we can actually cycle, although it is still a little bumpy for our bicycle cart.

We have lunch along a stream with a beautiful stone bridge. When we go, we discover that we were at Kvillebekken, a nice rest area with a shelter, toilets and stamp for pilgrims. Here you could pitch a tent or stay in the shelter. The scenery is incredibly beautiful and it feels exotic to meet flocks of sheep on the mountain. The sheep look as surprised as we when we spot them behind a hill or a curve. On the way down from the mountain, we meet the shepherd and his dog herding a large flock of sheep. We have a nice chat and he shows us what his dog can do.

In Norway we follow the asphalt road towards Stiklestad. We struggle on in the rain on steep up and downhill. We reach our goal for today at 16.30 and receive a stamp. Only 100 kilometres left to Trondheim!”