The meeting place for inner and outer well-being

A centre for health and well-being
Spiragården Åre in Undersåker has been growing for several years. It has been developed as a centre for health and well-being and focuses on personal development. A much sought-after oasis for rest and recovery along St. Olavsleden.

In 2007, Lisa Andersson Tangen left Stockholm and moved to Jämtland. She had just finished retraining as a masseuse and body therapist and the plan was to live in Såå, between Åre and Undersåker, for a year. Thirteen years later, she is a well-established entrepreneur who runs Spiragården Åre. “When I and my now husband had decided to move in together, we saw this house was up for sale. It awakened an old dream in me – one of running a café and a centre where I could practice the treatments I’d learned. We took the step and bought it. Both buildings were in need of renovation to suit the business and we’ve slowly but surely renovated them, bit by bit. We started with the course hall, which was completed three years ago, and now the last part will soon be finished: a kitchen for the café.”

At first, Lisa had not been thinking that Spiragården Åre would offer yoga sessions because she herself was not a yoga instructor, but almost as soon as the course hall was finished, in came a lot of enquiries and there was a lot of interest in participating. Over the years that followed, many different activities have been going on – meditation, mindfulness, dance, retreats for inner development and, of course, a lot of yoga.

Between July and September, Spiragården Åre is open for bookings, including yoga, massage and coffee breaks for pilgrims. During June 2021, Lisa will be hiking the stretch of St. Olavsleden lying on the Swedish side. “It’s for me both an inner and outer journey and I’ve had a longing to go deeper into my person for a long time. I believe we all have interests and passions that lead us through life; that make us end up in the right place and meet the right people. Hiking is a very good way to experience that; to be with your self and see both its better and worse sides.”

Lisa is looking forward to seeing Spiragården Åre continue to grow and be a meeting place for all who want to learn more about inner and outer well-being.

More information and booking on:,, tel. +46 70-642 65 85.
Remember to book a few days in advance.