Sweden’s largest waterfall is an attraction for pilgrims

The original building at Tännforsen is around 110 years old. Previously, there was a tourist hostel with a restaurant here, but it closed a few years ago. Many tourists still enjoy visiting the area and every day, plenty of cars make their way to Tännforsen, the largest waterfall in Sweden, measured by the volume of water.

The waterfall is majestic and during the long summer days, it’s possible to sit and watch the water almost around the clock, for those looking for harmony and rest. A small pathway leads visitors from the road through the forest down to the waterfall.

For pilgrims who choose to walk via Tännfoirsen’s waterfall, accommodation can be booked through Lars Eriksson. He comes down when anybody has booked and sorts out whatever is needed. He is the on-site odd-job man.

– I take the payments, tell people a little about the waterfall and check they are OK. I also usually give those continuing the trail a tip about a short-cut up at the bend rather than walking along the water or the road. That is usually well appreciated, says Lars Eriksson.

Guests can select accommodation only, or also book food if they want. There is space for eight people divided between two bedrooms, and a new clean kitchen.

– Guests help themselves to breakfast from the fridge. We make dinner in advance and freeze it so that guests simply take it out of the freezer and warm it in the oven or microwave, explains Lars Eriksson.

Find out more about Tännforsens accommodation, email pilgrim@tannforsen.com