Hiking enthusiasts Cecilia and Oskar are camping their way along St Olavsleden

After hiking in Spain, Ireland and Slovenia, Cecilia Silfvergren and Oscar Arrestam started looking for a new trail to hike, and this time they wanted to go walking in Sweden. Distance was important, and their research brought them to St Olavsleden, which is 580 kilometres long. They have just passed Duved’s church and are into their 15th day on the trail.

– St Olavsleden is a very beautiful trail that is fairly simple to walk, which feels perfect for us, says Cecilia Silfvergren.
– We wanted a distance that would give us the chance to get into the hike and the length of St Olavsleden felt right. We also wanted to camp along the way, and hiking in Sweden where there is the Right of Public Access makes it so simple to find places to put up your tent, says Oscar Arrestam.

After about halfway to their destination in Trondheim they say that the trail has been as they expected with a lot of tarmac and gravel roads that make walking easy. So far, the best sections have been those that pass close to water, making it possible to set up camp somewhere where they can swim. One of their favourite stops has been Stålsviken in Mörsil, but now they are looking forward to gaining some height, getting up into the mountains and having a different kind of view.

– So far, the roads have been very pleasant for walking, but we probably expected to be a little higher up, so we are hoping for more of a mountain feeling now that we are soon at the border, says Oscar Arrestam.

Every kilo counts

Before entering Norway, they will stop in Tannforsen, the destination for today. When we meet them, they have just reached the last grocery shop that they will see for a few days, where they took the opportunity to fill up their rucksacks with supplies for the next five days.

– Our rucksacks are somewhat heavier now as we need to pack more food than previously along the trail, but they will become lighter with every meal we eat, says Cecilia Silfvergren and laughs.

Every extra kilo makes a difference and they have tried to pack as light as possible to be able to manage the entire hike. They are not exactly sure how much time it will take, they are just taking things one day at a time.

– We are here because we like hiking, of course, and we don’t want to rush to reach the goal, says Oscar Arrestam.

And there’s no doubt that they enjoy hiking.

– We haven’t planned our next hike yet, but when we get home it only usually takes a few days before we get itchy feet and start researching the next trail. Then all year we long for summer and getting out again, says Oscar Arrestam.