Come Along The Trail – A Visit In Trondheim

”I did the trail with my bike. But I started in Germany, biked alongside the Baltic Sea, entered Polen and Gdansk, and then I took the ferry to Nynäshamn. […] I biked from Stockholm to Sundsvall, and there I started biking St. Olavsleden”

Welcome to the final destination of St. Olavsleden: Trondheim! This is the last episode in our series ”Come Along The Trail” – A couple of shows where we visit different parts of St. Olavsleden! Meet people along the trail and learn more about the legend of St. Olav, beautiful places, useful knowledge and practical tips and inspiration. 🎥

Guests in this episode:

🙏 Ingrid (02:00) – Ingrid works as a guide inside of the Nidaros Cathedral. She will give us a tour inside of this mighty building.

📜 Vigdis (18:23) – Vigdis works as a volunteer in The Nidaros Pilgrim Center. She will give us the famous Olav letter. “What is that?”, You might wonder. Well, she will tell us all about it.

💒 Stephen (27:57) – Stephen works as a Pilgrim priest who greets pilgrims in the center and in the cathedral.

🥾 A Pilgrim! (34:04) – We meet up with Jörgen from Germany in the Pilgrim Center. Jörgen actually biked from Germany all the way up to the start of St. Olavsleden, and then he biked the whole St. Olavsleden!