Come Along The Trail – A Visit In Stiklestad

”I started with Pilgrimages ten years ago. You spend much time in the nature, and also it is this inner thing when you contemplate and have time to reflect”

Welcome to the Stiklestad; maybe the most significant place in the legend of St. Olav! This is a recording of our series ”Come Along The Trail” – A couple of live broadcasts we streamed on Facebook from different parts of St. Olavsleden! Meet people along the trail and learn more about the legend of St. Olav, beautiful places, useful knowledge and practical tips and inspiration. 🎥

Guests in this episode:

🕰️ Arnstein Indahl (00:45) – Arnstein is a real history geek! He is so passionate about history that he gave up a job in sunny Spain to convey Viking history in Stiklestad. He will share his best tips for good historical experiences in this important pilgrim place.

💒 Janne Sollie (13:21) – Janne works in the Pilgrim Center in Stiklestad. For Janne, it is important to manage Olav’s legacy and use it actively in her work. She also cares a lot about the pilgrimage having both environmental and social sustainability.

🥾 A Pilgrim! (22:35) – In Stiklestad there are lots of Pilgrims resting before they continue on their final journey to Nidaros. We will talk to one of them – Sofia!