Åre Fjällsätra – treat yourself to a break in Undersåker

From lower down the hill the large yellow house already comes into view. St Olavsleden signs then take you up the hill and into the driveway of Åre Fjällsätra, where the grandiose 1930s hotel has a calm and friendly atmosphere, in spite of its size. In the garden outside the entrance, a swing hangs invitingly, shaded by the leaves of the tree. The terrace has welcoming café furniture and the sounds of crockery can be heard from the kitchen indoors.

Inside, Willie Lindberg and My Ernevi who run the hotel are in full swing with the morning chores. Breakfast has to be cleared away and lunch has to be prepared in time to serve in the light dining room that overlooks Södra Årefjällen mountain.

– We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and our core principles in preparing food are love and respect. Food must be made from scratch with a love for the craft of cooking and with respect for animals and nature. It should be simple, but well-prepared and we work a lot with locally produced food from the nearby area, Willie Lindberg explains.

A close-to-nature experience

The couple took over Fjällsätra in 2018, after running a place in Norway. They recognised the possibilities of both the location and the building, and now look forward to welcoming guests from all over the world, for many years to come.

– We want a stopover at Åre Fjällsätra to be romantic, harmonious and close to nature. We want to show people the uniqueness of the area and give them a close-to-nature experience. For St Olavsleden pilgrims we are a possible break along the trail. We hope many hikers will stop and visit Åre Fjällsätra, says Willie Lindberg.

With St Olavsleden passing through

Willie often takes the time to talk to the pilgrims that come along and hear their stories, even if they are just passing through.

– The people that hike St Olavsleden are a different kind of guest than those we usually welcome, and they always have a sense of calm about them. They are interesting guests that make you curious and eager to know more about. They all have exciting stories to tell, says Willie Lindberg.

Visit them at arefjallsatra.com