Anita meets the summer Along St. Olavsleden pilgrim trail

“There were several reasons why I wanted to come back to St. Olavsleden”

The sparkling autumn colours whetted Anita Andersson’s appetite when she walked parts of St. Olavsleden in the autumn of 2020.

She decided there and then to return. Anita has now completed eleven days along the trail and thereby seen the entire Swedish side of St. Olavsleden, some stretches in their summer attire and some in autumn colours.

“There were several reasons why I wanted to come back to St. Olavsleden,” says Anita. “Partly because it was so pretty last autumn. But also because I really wanted to walk the whole trail. A pilgrimage is a special kind of hike and I want to walk all the sections in order to get a proper conclusion; it’s part of the charm. I hope to walk the Norwegian part of the trail in September.”

During her trips along the trail, Anita has discovered certain things that differ between the two seasons.

“The weather quite clearly made a big difference. It was fantastic last autumn, with clear air and nature’s amazingly beautiful colours. It’s really lovely now, but too warm for my liking. Furthermore, the mosquitoes came alive during my hike, which I didn’t appreciate very much.”

For many pilgrims, encountering other hikers and people along the trail is what attracts them. But Anita didn’t see many other hikers, either now or last autumn.

“I have been unlucky in this respect, and I wish I had met more hikers. I think that many people choose to go later in the summer. However, I have been warmly welcomed by people living along the trail and in the places where I have stayed overnight.”

Whenever Anita packs for a hike, the list is long, of course. But there’s one thing which is always in the rucksack. “Tea! I always take black tea with me on my hikes; it’s a must for a successful trip.”

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