Come Along The Trail – A Visit On Frösön

”I think you know when you have find what you are searching for, I believe that you feel it in your body and in your heart”

Welcome to the newly renovated Pilgrim Center on the beautiful island Frösön! This is a recording of our series ”Come Along The Trail” – A couple of live broadcasts we streamed on Facebook from different parts of St. Olavsleden! Meet people along the trail and learn more about the legend of St. Olav, beautiful places, useful knowledge and practical tips and inspiration. 🎥

Guests in this episode:

🌞 Anna Gredander (02:08) – Anna is a deacon and works in Frösö church. Frösö church, dating back to the 1200s, was built with St. Olav as its patron saint.

🌻 Anna Grundén (17:02) – Anna (yes, another one!) works at The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and is here to talk to us about The Right to Public Access.

🥾 A pilgrim (27:55) – Henk-Jan from the Netherlands has been hiking från Selånger to Frösön, and is heading towards Trondheim tomorrow. He will join the show to talk about his experiences so far and equipment. Get useful tips and inspiration!