Come Along The Trail – A Visit In Selånger

“When they ask for a blessing I do that with all of my heart”

Welcome to the old church ruin in Selånger! This is a recording of our series ”Come Along The Trail” – A couple of live broadcasts we streamed on Facebook from different parts of St. Olavsleden! Meet people along the trail and learn more about the legend of St. Olav, beautiful places, useful knowledge and practical tips and inspiration. 🎥

Guests in this episode:

⛪️ Helene Westerlind (02:42) – Helene is a deacon and director of the Selånger pilgrim center. She is passionate about spreading knowledge about pilgrimage and making the Selånger pilgrimage center well-visited.

🥾 Pilgrims (12:09) – Two pilgrims that are starting their journey tomorrow. Kevin and Marianne will join the show and tell us about their expectations!

🏡 Tobias Grampeix (24:20) – Tobias and his wife opened the accommodation Bellmansgården in Matfors in 2023. There is a history behind the old house which they are happy to tell you about.

🎒 Putte Eby (35:04) – Putte, also called Putte Pilgrim, knows the trail inside and out. He gives practical tips on how to start your pilgrimage in Selånger.