Kafé Gården

Green and creamy with a touch of history
Kafé Gården is located in a historic setting, like a deep breath after the year-round pulsating Åre. It serves waffles, homemade coffee and thin bread, often with home-grown vegetables and local ingredients. If you’re lucky, you can peek into the bakery in the middle of the thin bread baking process.


Where: In Åre hembygdsgård, about 2.5 kilometres west of the ski resort of Åre. The farm is located 400 metres from the St Olav’s trail line.

Don’t miss: The fine exhibitions of old festive clothes, furniture and utensils in the homestead garden. Follow the thin bread baking on site and then enjoy the farm’s delicious thin bread stews.

Other: The site is a peaceful oasis next to the Ullån stream that flows down from the mountain. Here the Bjurholm chickens walk freely among the crops. If the weather is nice, have a coffee in the garden. Otherwise you can have a coffee inside the homestead by the fireplace.

Opening hours/contact: www.facebook.com/kafegarden